Resource: It’s Payback Time

Another cool short clip, and this time with a narrative. I can imagine doing loads with this one – you can try a prediction activity, taking on perspectives, exploring visual literacy, and finally, an extension activity into the reality of the issue at hand (I won’t give you spoilers). Lots of reading articles and activities you could take with this. Enjoy!

Here’s a useful website with a little bit of the background data to accompany your consumption.


Resource: Get a Horse! (From Frozen)

Tonight is a short clips night. There are many awesome film resources out there, and is this probably one to keep. I am rewatching this 7-minute short clip for entertainment tonight but you can explore multitextuality (the layering of texts), self-reflexivity and the playing around with the third wall (or fourth, I mean, since we are technically watching this in the cinema).

Resource: Teaching Empathy

Becoming a teacher, I teach not just Literature, or English, or Geography, or Mathematics… but first and foremost, I teach people. So in guiding our students to become better persons, we need to teach empathy. This short clip is a fantastic resource for educators who just want to get people to start asking, “What do they feel?” Let us begin to tell the stories of other people, rather than our own stories.